In order to manifest the great Darwin’s discovery and scientific way of thinking we organize lectures open to the general public at the University venue.

«The Origins» is a series of public lectures on the origin of everything given by the Novosibirsk State University scientists.

Timescale of the Darwin’s Week:

  • February 6th / 18:30 Vladimir Blinov: «The Origin of the Universe»
  • February 7th / 18:30 Dmitry Grazhdankin: «The Origin of Earth»
  • February 8th / 18:30 Dmitry Zharkov: «The Origin of Life»
  • February 9th / 18:30 Alexander Pilipenko: «The Origin of Humans»
  • February 10th / 18:30 Oleg Donskih: «The Origin of Language»
  • February 11th / 18:30 Svetlana Madyukova: «The Origin of the Family»
  • February 12th / 10:30 Pavel Borodin: «The Origin of Species»

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