Main annual events

The NSU traditions have been formed for the last 55 years and are widely known beyond the University. Every event is cheerful, extraordinary, creative and unforgettable, and every student has an opportunity to take part in its organization.

A well-known Interweek International Festival is one of the oldest traditions at NSU.

The festival traces its roots to 1966. NSU is the only Russian university to organize the Interweek that includes festivals, charity actions, marches, meetings, workshops, discussions, international Arbat, theatrical performances, etc. The International Solidarity Week is a series of events aimed to introuce the communities of Novosibirsk and other Russian cities to modern life, history and culture of foreign countries, as well as draw attention to pressing problems of ecology, religion, political and economic security, social status of ethnic groups and youth of Occidental and Oriental civilizations. Every year, the Interweek founders and participants bring new creative ideas to further develop this event.

There are a lot of other interesting events at NSU - days of Humanities, Maximum Week, students’ initiations, photo contests, revue-sketch comedies, contest between the teams-members of The Club of Cheeful and Quick-Witted (KVN), vocal contest, concerts, intellectual competitions.

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