The University takes care not only of the intellectual, but also the physical development of students.

The NSU Sports Center includes about 30 sports clubs, from football to a variety of martial arts.

The сhair of Physical Education was founded in 1959, the year NSU was established.

In 1963 the chair faculty obtained the title of the Sports club that existed till 2009 (nowadays, it’s the athletic subdivision of the chair).

At first, there were about 10 sections in the Sports club but gradually their number has increased, primarily due to the appearance of martial arts, aerobics, tennis, orienteering, and other sections.

In their 1st and 2nd years students are required to attend Physical Education classes 4 hours a week.

The sports classes include aerobics, gymnastics, body-conditioning, games for girls; football, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball as well as track and field during warm season, ski and swimming during cold season for boys.

Inter-department and inter-grade football championships, hip-hop team Electric Jazz Crew, aerobic teams Kurazh and Jagga are especially popular among the students. And, of course, the students do not forget to cheer for the NSU basketball team playing in the youth league of clubs Division A.

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