A student found a rare ring during excavations in Yamal

Ust-Poluy sanctuary has made Yamal archaeologists happy again. According to Andrei Gusev, the head of the expedition, among this year’s finds is a bronze ring with an image of a bear. It was found by a sudent of NSU Alexander Korchagin. The ring is a rare find and is well preserved. It has a clear design. Some bronze decorations, figures, a pendant, hafts, fragments of utensils and arms were also found. The articles are basically made of ceramic and bone.

It should be noted that Ust-Poluy, the ancient sanctuary, is located in Salekhard area, on a high bank of the Poluy river near its inflow in the Ob river.

For a long time on the site of the archaeological monument there was a wooden building of a hydroport. The monument was discovered during its construction. Then the building was demolished, the area of the monument was fenced and the sign “Archaeological monument of federal significance” was put on the fence.

During the excavations no evidence of human permanent living in this area was discovered. It means that the hypothesis about the sanctuary has not been refuted yet.

Ust-Poluy sanctuary became widely known in 1932 when the old monument was studied by V.S.Andrianov, an archaeologist from Leningrad. In the 50s of the 20th century Ust-Poluy became known in the whole world due to the work of V.N.Chernetson, an ethnographer and archaeologist. In 1993-1995 Yamal-Nenets expedition headed by N.V.Fuodorova continued studying the monument. In 2006 the excavations were resumed and now the take place annually.

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