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NSU is one of top-100 universities in the world in physics


Boston to Host Conference of Russian Expat Scientists

A Russian-American Association of scientists holds a conference in Boston

Three Mirror Labs to Appear at NSU

According to the results of the international Mirror Lab Contest in mathematics announced at NSU, three projects are to be launched this October.

Mathematician Andrey Raigorodsky to Lecture at NSU

NSU welcomes a Russian mathematician Prof. Andrey M. Raigorodsky, who is giving a lecture arranged by Yandex. The lecture is devoted to web-graph modeling with emphasis on its application.

Give us Space

Mikhail Kokorich is a man who can, quite literally, say he is reaching for the stars.

Badminton: NSU Outplays KFU

In the final games of the tournament of four universities, where NSU played against Kazan Federal University, NSU triumphed over KFU

NSU Comes into Line with Employers Demands

NSU anniversary celebrations covered a lot of important events including a roundtable discussion about the employment of graduates

NSU: Jump into THE Top-400

NSU is one of top-100 universities in the world in physics

Integration Strategy for NSU and Research Institutes

The NSU Supervisory Council: We should work actively on further integration between NSU and the research institutes

V.Shiltsev to Become Next President of the Alumni Association

Dr. Vladimir Shiltsev, the director of the Accelerator Physics Center at Fermilab (US) has been chosen elected president of the international association of NSU alumni

Education in Russian: First Steps

Traditionally, this summer the NSU Center for International Educational Programs held a Summer School giving a Russian language course for international students

Yandex School Students Proceed with Studying

Novosibirsk students started their classes at the Yandex School of Data Analysis

Prof. Lev Weiner (Israel) to Give Lectures at NSU

On 26 Sep., 29 Sep., and 2 Oct., NSU welcomes Professor Lev Weiner with a series of lectures on “Using the method of the Electron Spin/Paramagnetic Resonance (ESR/EPR) in biology and medicine

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Г. М .Дымшиц. Лекция к 50-летию НГУ.

Лекции ученых, преподавателей НГУ в дни празднования 50-летия университета: Г. М. Дымшиц, профессор, доктор биологических наук.