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NSU is one of top-100 universities in the world in physics


NSU Scientists Do Global Astrophysical Research

One of the tasks of the Interdisciplinary Research Center is to develop detectors for physics experiments

LHC Proves Standard Model Predictions

The analysis published is based on data taken at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in 2011 and 2012

QS Ranks NSU’s Highest Positions

NSU has entered the tables in six of them: Physics & Astronomy, Mathematics, Philosophy, Modern Languages, Chemistry, Computer Science

NSU Researchers Experiment with LHC

The CMS collaboration, responsible for the design and the construction of one of the two major detectors for LHC, announced its decision to work together with NSU

New Partner Universities

NSU delegation returns from Tokyo with agreements about partnership with a number of Japanese universities

NSU’s Academic Reputation: Best in Russia

NSU has entered top-100 international universities according to Worldwide Professional University Rankings RankPro® significantly improving its positions and becoming 43rd

NSU at Japan-Russia University Presidents Meeting

Presidents and Rector of Japanese and Russian universities are to meet in Tokyo at the beginning of March.

NSU to Host All-Russian Test on Mathematics

Yandex suggests that everybody should take part in an all-Russian online mathematics test dubbed QED (Latin for “which was to be proved”). This phrase usually crowning the proof of any theorem.

Technical Creativity Center at NSU (NSU HACKSPACE)

NSU has launched a center for scientific and technical creativity and innovation called NSU Hackspace for those wishing to apply their talents in all fields including engineering.

NSU Accomplishments or Five Important Steps in Science

Since its foundation, NSU has been increasing the number of scientific achievements. What did we accomplish in 2014?

Japanes Students to Visit NSU on Exchange Program

NSU starts the exchange program announced in the memorandum signed in 2014 by NSU and Tohoku University

NSU Astronomers Observing Asteroid 2004 BL86

NSU Astronomers Observing Asteroid 2004 BL86: Vesti.ru cited experts from NSU astrological observatory.

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