NSU Among Top-20 Best Universities in BRICS (QS Version)


Embrace NSU with a Warm Hug

A “Hug Your University” flash mob was organized at NSU in the frameworks of a regional event, which was conducted on the same day in various Siberian universities

NSU to Start Visiting Professors Program

Bringing to life the “5-100” program, NSU welcomes professors of leading international universities to give lectures to the students.

Times Higher Education (UK): NSU Finalist in Video Contest

A short video clip about Novosibirsk State University, which was created by the team of NSU LIFE project, has entered top-5 of the “Why I Love My University …” video competition run by Times Higher Ed

Summer Pre-study Courses-II at Physics Department

This academic year for the freshmen of the Physics Department became a week longer than that of others. It is the second time when freshmen have been able to review some elements of the school course

NSU to Collaborate with Skoltech

NSU administration welcomed the delegation from the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech) headed by its President, Professor Edward Crawley.

Top Positions in Training Both Digitheads and Economists

Novosibirsk State University has retained its reputation for multi-faculty universities

Competition associate professor at NSU

NSU invites talented young researchers to apply for a junior faculty position of Associate Professor in optical quantum technologies starting from 2014-2015 academic year

International Award for NSU Startup

Small Innovative Enterprise Technoscan has won a prestigious World Quality Commitment Award in the Gold Category. The award acknowledges a strong commitment to quality and excellence among industry's

Freshmen: Incredibly Lucky Students

On the threshold of the academic year NSU holds a special event, Freshman Move-in Day, inviting first year students to the House of Scientists.

New Information Stands Set Up by Main Entrance

A number of information stands about NSU life have been set up in front of the main university building. They appeared as a part of the upcoming celebration of the NSU’s 55 anniversary

Physicists from Novosibirsk demonstrate new dissipative solitons

If the laser pulse is properly stretched, its energy can become proportionally higher. Such a stable pulse called dissipative soliton, is a hot topic in laser physics of the last decade

Geology of Central and Eastern Arctic Regions Studied at NSU

NSU has won an RSCF grant for setting up a new laboratory for Geodynamics and Paleomagnetism of Central and Eastern Arctic Regions

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Клуб любителей классической музыки НГУ

Клуб любителей классической музыки организован при кафедре истории культуры гуманитарного факультета НГУ. Руководитель -- Тимофеева Мария Александровна, старший преподаватель кафедры истории культуры. Фильм снят в марте 2013 г. студентами факультета журналистики (гр. 9822) Вырупаевой Верой и Калининой Анной.