NSU Among Top-20 Best Universities in BRICS (QS Version)


916-th out of 22,000 World Universities

Among the first 1,000 best universities there were included only three Russian universities – MSU (48th position), SPb State University (285th position) and NSU (916th position)

Smart Traffic Lights Designed by an NSU Graduate

A Ph.D. Assistant Professor at the Chair of Information Systems Kirill Chirkunov has developed a system allowing traffic lights to work in accordance with the current road situation

Supermoon 2014 Rises over Novosibirsk: 12 July

The greatest difference between the visible moon size of a supermoon and that of an ordinary full moon can be as large as 16 percent

Leonid Panin: “A Scholar learns as long as he or she lives”

Our Department of Humanities provides education for historians, archeologists, linguists, students of Literature, Oriental Studies, Siberian Studies – all in all, there are many specialities

Enrolled by the Rector

NSU Rector, Mikhail Fedoruk, came down the hall to the applicants to register them personally and tell them about the progress of the admission process

NSU and MIT: 19 Place Shared at ACM-ICPC

There were 122 teams participating in the competition, which went through semi-finals out of the initial 33,430 participants representing 2,385 universities from 89 countries and 400 cities

Sergei Belousov Heads Supervisory Council of NSU

Sergei Belousov, General Director of the Parallels Company, has been elected the Chair of the Supervisory Council of NSU.

NSU’s Benefits: Another Tranche for Raising Competitiveness

RF government has published a government decree on allocating federal subsidies in 2014 according to the Program on competitive recovery of the leading Russian universities

Education Cooperation with Singapore

A delegation from Singapore headed by a Senior Minister of State in the ministries of Trade and Industry and National Development, Mr. Lee Yi Shyan paid a working visit NSU.

NSU Supports Parents of Children with Autism

The project seeks to prepare a group of experts in ABA with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills how to work with children having autism

Non-equilibrium Flow Lab Established at NSU

The Lab does research on how external environment influences spaceships entering the atmosphere

NSU Among Top-20 Best Universities in BRICS (QS Version)

NSU Among Top-20 Best Universities in BRICS (QS Version)

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