Fees and financial support


2016-2017 Tution fees

USA dollars (without VAT)
EURO (without VAT)
Programs of bachelor and specialist degree
4500 3360
Masters programs
5200 3890
PhD programs, internship, clinical studies
5500 4110

Tuition fees for programs of top skills training are equal for citizens of Former Soviet Republics and Russian Federation.

Living costs

Living costs Average cost per month (rub)
Food & Drinks 4500 RUB/81 USD
Toiletries 500 RUB/9 USD
Transport to Novosibirsk (every weekend trip) 1000 RUB/18 USD
Vitamins and medicines 600 RUB/11USD

One-off initial costs

Clothing Cost
Autumn/Spring jacket 5000 RUB/90 USD
Autumn/Spring shoes 5000 RUB/90 USD
Winter jacket 10000 RUB/180 USD
Winter shoes 8000 RUB/145 USD


We are seeking candidates for 2016/17 Russian Government Scholarship Program, which is a 2-year scholarship Master's program and 3-year (or 4-year) scholarship PhD program. NSU offers 43 scholarships.
Benefits: full tuition, monthly stipend.
Deadline: June 15, 2016

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