Why NSU?

Why you should study at Novosibirsk state university?

* The real science.
Novosibirsk state university is located in the world-famous scientific center – Akademgorodok. 80% of NSU faculty members are scientists from the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. So education is carried out in close connection with the world-class scientific achievements.

* Do not waste life in traffic jams
Everything is walking distance in our compact campus: university dormitories, sports center, stadium; 35 scientific institutes and innovative technopark (Academpark) are 10 minutes walk from the campus.

* Capital of Siberia without capital's living costs.
According to the QS experts, Novosibirsk state university is the second best university in Russia. But the costs of studying and costs of living here are substantially smaller then in Moscow or StPetersburg.

* In the rhythm of the big city.
Akademgorodok is located 30 kilometers away from Novosibirsk. This means no disadvantages of the big city, like noise or smog, but all the benefits: make sure you go to see the Nutcracker in Opera and ballet theatre, the largest theatre in Russia with the world-famous theatrical troupe.

* When nature is closer than you think.
“It’s like in the woods!” – that’s what people say when come to Akademgorodok for the first time. You can easily meet a hedgehog on your way to the university, or see the wild ducks living in the local pond; and the squirrels are so used to living next to people that they do not run away, and happily pose for Instagram.

* Especially for adventurers.
Akademgorodok surroundings are the best sites for those who can not imagine their life without mountainbiking, skiing and hiking. And the vast expanse of the Ob sea attracts windsurfers in summer, and snowkiters in winter.

* Narnia is here.
Dazzling white snow, lying on which you can make a snow angel, you can also skate or ski, slide on a "bun" (snowtube), make a snowman, or see dog sledding competitions. Feel the heat of the real Siberian winter: it is warm even when it’s cold!

* At the heart of Siberia.
Novosibirsk is the center of Siberia and its largest transport hub. This means that for the time of your studies here you can visit all of the Siberian cities, as well as the mountain country Altai, world-famous known for its pristine lakes, granite rocks and steep trails.

You are welcome!

Anyone can find something to enjoy in Novosibirsk: winter snow or summer on the beach, the rhythm of the modern metropolis or the grandeur of vast forests and fields, the permanence of traditional cultures or the best of science in Russia. And, of course, you will definitely feel the real Russian hospitality.

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