Crystal Engineering Master’s Program in English

The Department of Geology and Geophysics at Novosibirsk State University has launched an English-language master's program entitled "Experimental Geochemistry and Design of the Crystalline Materials."

The graduates of this program will become experts in the creation of artificial crystalline materials. They will have in-depth knowledge and skills in the field of physical chemistry and the theory of the crystal growth. In addition, they will learn the methods of how to design the materials and study their properties. Within the frames of the conference the students will learn technological aspects of the crystal growth and design. Besides, they will have interdisciplinary courses in crystal chemistry and analytical methods, learn the natural objects and the processes of mineralization under the different environmental conditions, including the extreme pressures and temperatures.

The training under the program will be in English and take two years. All the teachers have a considerable experience of research in fundamental and applied science. The best students will have an opportunity to get the internship at the University of Tohoku in Japan.

Let us remind that artificial crystalline materials are indispensable for the modern industry. The crystal growth technologies allow to get semiconductors, scintillators, optical and laser materials, superhard abrasive coatings and construction materials.

More information about the master's program and the training conditions can be found here.