Darwin’s Week starts at the Novosibirsk State University

In order to manifest the great Darwin’s discovery and scientific way of thinking we organize lectures open to the general public at the University venue.

«The Origins» is a series of public lectures on the origin of everything given by the Novosibirsk State University scientists.

Timescale of the Darwin’s Week:

  • February 6th / 18:30 Vladimir Blinov: «The Origin of the Universe»
  • February 7th / 18:30 Dmitry Grazhdankin: «The Origin of Earth»
  • February 8th / 18:30 Dmitry Zharkov: «The Origin of Life»
  • February 9th / 18:30 Alexander Pilipenko: «The Origin of Humans»
  • February 10th / 18:30 Oleg Donskih: «The Origin of Language»
  • February 11th / 18:30 Svetlana Madyukova: «The Origin of the Family»
  • February 12th / 10:30 Pavel Borodin: «The Origin of Species»