Laboratory on Big Data Analytics and Computer-Aided Instruction at NSU

Novosibirsk State University launches a laboratory on big data analytics and computer-aided instruction at the Mechanics and Mathematics Department starting from 1 January, 2016. The project to begin with is devoted to developing data flow instruments for telecommunications network in partnership with the Technopark resident Signatec. The contract signed for three years amounts 167 mln roubles.

According to the chief executive Evgeny Pavlovskiy, they are to design analytical sets on collecting, storing and analyzing information flows in networks:

— Top telecommunications companies consider it essential to gather information about modern technology and customers, partners and competitors. However, the amount of information available to the public is so huge that it takes a lot of effort to collect, check and process the data you are interested in.

One of the tasks such an analytical set is supposed to solve is to ensure the top level security and safety for the companies:

— For instance, a company is interested if they suffer any personal data or corporate information leakage. We install a “monitor” which will use our algorithms and prevent such leakage by blocking the data flow. Other tasks include identifying spam sources, inappropriate use of resources, etc. The main aim is to allow specialists to find relationships between objects and phenomena.

Evgeny Pavlovskiy points out that the analytical sets being developed do not violate rules of gathering private information. The algorithms are similar to those of search engines but aim at analyzing the data and providing the results of the analysis:

— We want to get into big data flow to be able to process huge traffic volumes. Huge volumes are certain to contain diamonds in the rough, especially in terms of safety and marketing.

The Laboratory expects to employ about 40 specialists including programmers, analysts, testers and young researchers from the University, those who are interested in developing new algorithms for the artificial intelligence.

Reference note: The company Signatec was founded by a group of researchers from the Institute of Automation and Electrometry, SB RAS. It has been operating on the market of lawful interception since 1993 and is one of the leading Russian developers in their area. Signatec majors in high-end R&D used in ensuring operations security.