NSU Students Raise Funds for City Hematology Center

The first charity event, a culinary marathon BakeDay, was held at NSU on November, 10. The event was organized by students of the Humanities Department, faculty of Fundamental and Applied Linguistics, and their instructors Tatyana Belitsa and Elena Kuznetsova. BakeDay helped raise 30K+ rubles for the City Hematology Center.

NSU became the first of Siberian universities to hold such a charity marathon called BakeDay. More than ten kinds of home baking including carrot pies, pizzas, cinnabons, charlottes, etc. were exchanged for donations. Students could buy them near the NSU coffee shops in the main and laboratory buildings of NSU.

According to a BakeDay organizer, Darya Zhizhimova, the event is scheduled twice a year. The next culinary marathon can be organized in some other Novosibirsk universities, such as Novosibirsk Law Institute (a branch of Tomsk State University) and Siberian Institute of Management – the branch of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Novosibirsk. BakeDay can also be organized at a larger scale, as a regional event.

The total sum raised as a result of the charity event was as big as 32,250 rubles, which included sale fees of the coffee shop WakeUp. The money is to be officially transferred to the City Hematology Center of Novosibirsk.