Total Dictation-2016: a Children’s Writer Andrey Usachev Becomes the Author of the Text

Among well-known works of Andrey Usachev are the scripts for the cartoons “Ku! Kin-Dza-Dza” and “Adventures in the Emerald City”, as well as numerous works for the cartoon magazine “Veselaya Karusel”. The poet wrote many poems for the “Murzilka” magazine. His “If You Throw a Stone Up" collection was awarded the first prize at the All-Russia competition of young children’s writers.

At the press conference a head of the project Olga Rebkovets described the choice criteria of the Dictation’s author. This year, the main criterion was the author’s possibility to come to Novosibirsk and dictate the text to participants on the main Dictation’s site, in Novosibirsk State University, where the project idea was born. However, according to the project manager, the final decision was made by the members of the Expert Council.

Being the experts and researchers they wanted the genre diversity, wanted to invite a writer, different from the previous authors. “In addition, we wanted to add a touch of sentimentality and easiness to the project, inviting a children’s writer, who would write the text for adults”, commented Olga Rebkovets.

Andrey Usachev told that he had thought about the proposal of the Expert Council for three days, but eventually agreed.

“I wondered if my texts could be suitable for the Dictation. Of course, I had to work and make the text more difficult. Thanks to the Expert Council, they were careful with me and kept clarity of the text, as well as humor. I'm satisfied with the result of our joint work. We will see what we get”, said Andrey Usachev.

A chairman of the Expert Council of Total Dictation, Professor, Head of the Department of General and Russian Linguistics at Faculty of Humanities in NSU Natalia Koshkareva told about the latest text for the Dictation in terms of difficulties in the Russian language.

It is obvious that the text for Total Dictation will be more difficult than usual works of Andrey Usachev. As before, the text will cover practically all the rules of the Russian language, available in the reference books. But it must be understood that the difficulties in writing the dictation depend highly on how the presenter interprets the text. Thus, at different sites of Total Dictation its participants will have their own difficulties.

As in previous years, the text consists of three parts, the first of which will be taken down by the Far East, Eastern Siberia and foreign countries in the time zone. The second part is for the Urals and Western Siberia. The third part is going to be dictated in the European part of Russia, Europe and America. In addition, it will be possible to write Total Dictation-2016 online on the site.

Total Dictation is an annual educational event in the form of voluntary dictation for all comers. The purpose of the action is a possibility for each person to check knowledge of the Russian language and to awaken the interest in literacy. The idea of such voluntary dictation available for everyone was born in Novosibirsk in the student club “Glum Club” at the Faculty of Humanities in NSU in the early 2000s. In its 12 years of existence Total Dictation has become a large-scale international event. In 2015 the action took place in 549 cities of Russia and the world, covering 58 countries. There were more than 108 000 participants of this action. The sponsor of the action is the fund of the language culture support “Total Dictation”. The Expert Center of Total Dictation is Novosibirsk State University.