Hackspace NSU Project Wins All-Russian Electric Motorcycles Competition

Having spent two weeks to assemble their own electric motorbike, students of the NSU’s Physics Department and IT Department won the 3rd place in Smartmoto Challenge Moscow, a championship among student teams designing light electric motorcycles.

Members of the engineering club at NSU Hackspace designed and assembled an electric motorcycle that won a prize at Smartmoto Challenge Moscow.

Smartmoto challenge is an international championship for which student teams design and manufacture light electric motorcycles. Students get an opportunity to work as a team in a real project and use some cutting-edge technology and information on tomorrow’s market trends.

According to Anton Panchenko, an NSU graduate and an assistant at the Chair of Physics Methods of Investigating Solid Bodies, it is the first time that Hackspace has participated in such a competition. The electric motorbike was created from scratch with almost all the details produced by the students except some batteries for 20 ampere hours and a motor wheel with the capacity of 3 kW.

The bike is supposed to speed up to 60 km/h and works autonomously up to half an hour. It can be charged at a standard 110/220 V outlet.

The projects presented at Smartmoto Challenge Moscow went through a number of static and dynamic tests. The teams presented the engineering part, their business plan and the analysis of the manufacturing cost followed by such tests as Acceleration, Cones, Autocross and Endurance.

Anton Panchenko emphasizes that NSU lacks engineering education at most departments, and such events help students get unique experience, knowledge and contacts.

The NSU team plans to upgrade their electric motorbike and, probably, go on to design a new and improved model.

The members of the NSU team for Hackspace SMC:
- Viktor Korovin (IT)
- Mikhail Gavrilov (Physics Dept.)
- Anton Mitrokhin (Physics Dept.)
- Nikita Asmed’yanov (Physics Dept.)
- Nikolay Ovchinnikov (Physics Dept.)

The project was supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation as a part of the Program for development of student associations' activities in 2016.

Congratulations to the NSU Hackspace SMC team on their successful performance!

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