Join one of our English-taught Master’s programs

NSU invites you to enter one of its 6 English-taught Master’s programs. The application deadline is June 30th, 2015. Seize the opportunity to study in the unique atmosphere of Novosibirsk State University – the most effective research center in Russia.

The Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics offers the field of study «Applied Mathematics and Stochastics», which combines four Master's programs: Probability and Statistics, Numerical Statistical Modelling, Inverse and Ill-Posed Problems: Theory, Numerics and Applications, Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorial Optimization. These programs are research-oriented: each semester the student devotes half of his study time to a research project, to be carried out in one of the institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Lecture courses and research supervision are provided by NSU professors and leading researchers from institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences. For more information please contact Dr. Sergey Sazhenkov by e-mail

The Faculty of Economics invites international holders of a Bachelor Degree to enter the Master's Program «Quantitative Economics», whose aim is to train highly qualified analysts and researchers, ready to use advanced tools for theoretic and applied research both for economic science and analytics for business, society and public policy.

Another Master’s program offered by the Faculty of Economics is «Oil and Gas Management». It aims at training highly qualified analysts and decision-makers, who will be ready to address effectively the current and future needs and challenges of the oil and gas industry in a regional or in a global context.

Many graduates of the Faculty of Economics have become part of the Russian scientific elite, proudly representing Russian science abroad. Faculty graduates also succeed in business and in the banking industry. As a rule, they become managers or CEOs of large and medium-sized companies as they are well-prepared not only to economic but also to psychological and sociological aspects of business. To get more details please contact Associate Professor Elena Limanova by email

The Faculty of Medicine offers the Internship in Radiology and the Residency Program in Dermatovenerology. The Internship in Radiology aims at training highly-qualified radiologists with a good general clinical base for practice in hospitals and clinics. Training is carried out at the Centre for Postgraduate Medical Education of NSU and in radiology departments, which are the medical institutions of NSU Medical Faculty. For more information about the internship please contact program supervisor Andrey Tulupov MD, PhD Associate professor, Vice dean Staff radiologist, Head of the Laboratory by e-mail

The Residency Program in Dermatovenerology involves studying fundamental disciplines: Cell biology, Molecular biology, Dermatopathology, Biochemistry, Genetics. Dermatology simulation course consists in non-invasive diagnostic methods and radiosurgery. The Center for Postgraduate Medical Education of NSU provides a level of training that allows any graduate to work independently in a general hospital. For more details please contact the program supervisor Irina Sergeeva MD, PhD professor, Vice dean Director of Post-graduated medical education center by e-mail

The Faculty of Physics offers the Master’s program «Optics». Through their training graduates of this Masters in Educational Practice (MEP) acquire knowledge and skills of qualified specialists in the field of modern optics. They become able to construct and analyze modern stochastic models and Monte Carlo algorithms for solution of actual applied problems and to realize these algorithms on the modern supercomputer technique. Students get practice in the Institute of Laser Physics, the Institute of Automation and Electrometry and the Institute of Semiconductor Physics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. For more information please contact supervisor of the program Professor Leonid Il’ichov by e-mail:

We wish you the best of luck and hope to see you at NSU this year!