New Building for NSU: Lock Up Stage

The governor inspected the courtyard and a few classrooms, after which he had a discussion with NSU authorities about the prospects for the official opening of the new building.

“A lot has to be done for students to enter the new classrooms this September,” stated Vladimir Gorodetsky, “but we are facing the next task of joining the federal program in order to go on with building the second phase of the project. The working design has already undergone evaluation. I think NSU is meeting the challenge worthily, with bright prospects on the way of entering top “5-100” and developing its international competitiveness. The passed two years have witnessed its steady climbing in the international rankings.”

NSU Rector, Mikhail Fedoruk, added that new premises would allow students to avoid studying late at night, as it is common now. Originally designed for 2-2.5 thousand students, the university now educates about 3 times as many, 6-6.5 thousand students. The new building will help to increase the number of classrooms significantly and will bridge the deficit between the actual number of students and the rooms.

Our new building has been constructed since 2008. Its first phase has finally entered the lock up stage with 55 thousand square meters erected for 116 classrooms (including two big rooms for 325 students each) and the administrative building. The federal budget allocated 4 billion 13 million roubles as general funding for the first phase.

Housewarming is to be held in September.