NSU Contributes to RASA-USA George Gamow Award 2016: Vladimir Shiltsev and Roald Sagdeev

UCLA (Los Angeles) held the VII Annual Conference RASA-USA on November 5-6, 2016. This year it was to honor Academician Sergei Korolev and commemorate his 110th anniversary. We heartily congratulate an NSU alumnus Vladimir Shiltsev (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory) and a former Dean of the Physics Department at NSU Roald Sagdeev, who became the laureates of George Gamow Awards 2016.

A total of 100+ people registered at the Conference, including some members of the NSU Alumni Association Soyuz. They contributed to the success of the Conference with their reports and participation in panel discussions.

Efim Zelmanov (University of California, San Diego), who graduated from NSU in 1972 and founded a famous Akademgorodok’s café “Pod integralom” spoke on what mathematicians think. Gregory Yablonsky (Saint Louis University), who used to work at the Boreskov Institute of Catalysis and teach at NSU in the 1960s-1970s, presented “A Brief History of Time in Chemistry”. Vladimir Zelman (University of Southern California), a member of the International Academic Council at NSU, moderated one of scientific sections of the conference.

Professor Vladimir L. Zelman was awarded a George Gamow Award 2015 for his seminal contributions to neurology and neurological surgery and tireless efforts to promote best scientific practices in Russia.

This year one of the awards was presented to Roald Sagdeev, who used to work at the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, headed the Physics department at NSU and was the recipient of the 2003 Carl Sagan Memorial Award, and the James Clerk Maxwell Prize in Plasma Physics (2001). The other award was given to Professor Vladimir Shiltsev, a Physics Mathematics School and NSU alumnus, presently the Director of the Accelerator Physics Center at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Batavia, IL, USA). He participates in the International Academic Council at NSU and heads the NSU Alumni Association Soyuz.

Roald Sagdeev was honored for his remarkable contribution to physics and space exploration and his efforts to support scientific practices in Russia. Vladimir Shiltsev, apart from his active work on developing science and education in Russia, has made a great contribution to high energy physics and cutting-edge accelerator technologies.

We heartily congratulate the Laureates!

The goal of RASA-USA is to maintain, strengthen and develop common intellectual and cultural space of the Russian-speaking scientific community.