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"Археология окружающей среды"

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Lilian Karali

Professor of Archaeology

Environmental Archaeology

Environmental archaeology is the science of reconstructing the relationship between past societies and the natural environmental people lived in. In order to reach to comprehensive results, science, letters and theory are involved, including history, literature, philosophy, geology, biology, physics, chemistry etc. More specifically some of the major fields of palaeoenvironmental research are: geomorphology, geophysics palynology, paleoethnobotany, landscape archaeology, human biology and human ecology.

Environmental archaeology has appeared as a separate archaeological branch around the seventies, as a respond to the general quest against pollution, climate change etc. The research of the past environments can provide evidence about how humans have lived and how they stress in the past. Excavation on mainland Greece and the Aegean area offer a great amount of striking palaeoenvironmental case studies.